Greetings everyone!

My name is Daniel Burns. I’m a regular guy from Philadelphia looking to expand his range of communication and interests. My life is quite common and familiar to many of you. Every day I wake up early, have breakfast, kiss my family goodbye and head for work. You’ll never guess what my job is. Ok, try it 🙂 No. No. And no. I’m an art therapist 🙂 I help people get rid of stress and other psychological issues by getting them to contemplate beautiful, colorful paintings or listen to relaxing music. And it really works! Many people actually do it unconsciously from time to time – when you turn on your favorite song or buy a new piece of wall decor, for instance. Or go to a dancing class. Art is great for your psyche and it can help you change your life in ways you would never expect!


Exploring Mexico inside out

They say traveling broadens your mind. And I never felt it as clearly as in Mexico! This is a fantastic country! When you hear about it from your friends or look at pictures of Mexico in the web, you can’t fully realize how beautiful and amazing it is. Let me tell you about my trip to one of the famous underwater caves in Mexico that I took a few weeks ago.

Jungle, the wild jungle…

It was a family vacation that we’ve been planning for a long time – me, my wife Charlotte and our two kids, Andrew and Hanna. We knew perfectly well what we wanted. The wishlist included:

  • Our destination being not too far from the U.S. to save up on plane tickets.
  • Traveling with comfort.
  • Getting a piece of exotic nature and culture.
  • Getting involved in some cool family activities.

A friend of Charlotte recommended us an amazing natural park called Aktun-Chen. It is located in Cancun, not far from the Tulum ruins (if you know what I mean). The place is basically a giant rainforest where you can see gorgeous flowers and wild animals in some kind of an open zoo. Andrew and Hanna had so much fun playing and taking photos with monkeys! Yes, the animals are quite used to a human company, so you can touch and stroke them. So cute!

Let’s see what’s underground!

But we were most fascinated with the cave tour. Aktun-Chen features some of the oldest Mexican underwater caves (here is some info about it). It used to be an ancient Mayan sanctuary thousands of years ago. Since there was practically no other source of water in the area, the Indians came here to replenish their water supply and address the spirits allegedly dwelling in the cenote. Cenote is the local name for underground lakes that open into the jungle. They are incredibly beautiful! Imagine a perfectly still water mirror sparkling in the sunlight at the bottom of a cavern… There are dozens of stalactites hanging from he ceiling and swarms of fish circling in the depth… It was a stunning sight! And guess what, we also got to bath and snorkel there! It looked even more captivating underwater than from the surface. First we were worried because Hanna doesn’t swim very well. But the park provides safety jackets for everyone, so she was able to join us, too. We had a wonderful time! Aktun-Chen is a great place with amazing nature and a lot of interesting things to see. If you don’t know where to go on a vacation, our family is happy to recommend this fabulous natural park!


Art that heals your soul

Confessions of an art therapist

My friends often ask me how I choose paintings for my art therapy sessions. Well, I’m not about to reveal all of my professional secrets 🙂 I’ll just say that those canvases have to be:

  • hand-painted, for a full effect
  • very colorful
  • and very positive

It can be, for instance, a classic landscape depicting a blooming sunny valley, beautiful forest or majestic snow-covered mountains. Nature always has a relaxing impact on a human soul, whether real or painted. Sea views are also good for art therapy as long as they are placid and inviting. But most of the time, I treat my customers with modern art that is so palette-rich, emotional and suggestive. The main rule is that it has to evoke only cheerful feelings. And I happen to know just the right artist for that purpose 🙂

My favorite cup of paint

A few years ago, I learned about Leonid Afremov. This amazing Israeli artist creates lovely canvases that immediately attract your eye like a magnet. You just can’t stop looking at them! Take, for instance, a beautiful sample of romantic canvas art here. I call it romantic because, although there are no direct references to love in the painting, it is still full of romance and joy. The artist isn’t skimpy with colors. He uses everything he’s got on his palette. Lavish splashes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet – basically all hues of the rainbow – fill his paintings with incredible energy that gives you a charge of good mood the very moment you case a look at the canvas.

The images are plain and cheerful as well. Perhaps, you’d like to take a walk through a beautiful autumn park after rain, with its cozy dark alleys sparkling in lantern light and colorful trees rustling soothingly over your head? Or you’d better watch a breathtaking sunset on the sea shore admiring the flaming dance of colors in the sky and on the water surface? You’ll find all this in Leonid Afremov’s gallery! By the way, you don’t even have to go anywhere to take a look at his art. The artist shares and sells his paintings over the internet. Everyone is free to visit his web store and pick a romantic canvas artwork to one’s liking. With a picture like this on your wall, stress and depression will never get you 🙂


What does your favorite color tell about you?

We hardly ever give it a thought that color may have such a great impact on our soul. In fact, our color preferences can tell quite a good deal about our personality and current state of mind. Have you ever heard about the Luscher Color Test? You can easily take it at homeüscher_color_test. However, the results will be more authentic and complete if they are interpreted by a professional. So, what is this all actually about? In this test, you have to choose from a sequence of colors going from most appealing to least appealing. Then the same colors are suggested in pairs. According to Luscher, those colors represent certain sides of human psyche, and since color choice occurs unconsciously, it shows people as they really are, not as they regard themselves or try to look to the others. Just like any other psychological test, this one doesn’t claim superprecision. However, it may help you get precious insight into your inner self. Perhaps you have some unresolved issues from your past that keep nagging you even today even though you can’t fully realize where they come from. Or there is unexplainable tension mounting in your life. Tests like this give us a starting point in unravelling the history of our troubles. At the very least, they are fun 🙂 So if you have a spare minute, you can see what your favorite colors have to tell about you 🙂